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İngilizce 10 Öğrenci Fıkrası

İngilizce fıkra okumayı sevenler için süper öğrenci fıkraları. Hem komik, hem eğlenceli…


Teacher asks Ayşe:

– Do you ever swear, Ayşe?

– I swear I do not teacher.





Teacher asks a problem in mathematics, Ali raise his hand but makes the question wrong.

Teacher asks turning to class:

– Yes, students, what was your friend’s first mistake?

Emre answers:

– It was hand raising, teacher.





One day headmaster’s phone rings. Manager opens the phone:

– Yes?

– The headmaster, my child will not come to school today, it was a bit ill.

– OK. Who are you?

“Me?” says the child and continues:

– I am my father.




The teacher asks Temel:

– Tell me, what happened in 1881?

– Ataturk was born teacher.

– So what happened in 1920?

– Ataturk’s 39-year-old teacher.





After the teacher has long told that in the course of life science, clouds are formed by the evaporation of water on earth, asked one of the students sitting in the front row the following question:

– Tell me, son, what do the black clouds come to?

The child thought, swallowed, could not say anything. The little girl sitting next to her raised her finger and gave the following answer:

– It comes from the polluted water, teacher!





Teacher calls Ali to the chalkboard and questions:

– Ali, look, you have 10 liras in your pocket, and I gave you 15 liras. How much is in your pocket?

– I do not know what’s in my pocket, but I think I have somebody else’s pants on my body.





Teacher asks the child:

– How many hours are there in a day, son?

– 25 hours, teacher.

– How is this possible, son? 24 hours.

– Did you not say yesterday that times delayed one hour ahead?





A student went to the school, that day she would receive a report card, she got back home after taking his report card.

“Dad, my notes are all five.” she said.

Her father looked at the report card.

“My daughter, these are all one!” he said.

The girl said:

“Dad, the sum of all is five.”





Mathematics teacher calls Erhan to the chalkboard.

– Look, son, I’m a fabric merchant now. And you are my client. I sell you 8 meters of fabric from a meter of 5 liras. How much do you have to pay me?

– 30 liras.

– Is that right, son? I sell you 8 meters of fabric from a meter of 5 liras. So, how many liras will you pay?

Child insists:

– 30 liras, teacher!

– Make a lap, lazy!

The teacher calls Hakan sitting on the back row. Erhan leans softly to Hakan as he passes by and says to his ear:

– Listen to me, if you give more than five kurus from 30 liras, all our friendship ends, OK?


Kaynak: İngilizce Öğrenci Fıkraları / Az Kitap

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